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Wendell Allen
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Originally posted by Jackd
.......IF you ever find the solution to your problem, pls. post it here. I have been chasing the very same problem on my Benz for months and have spent so far over $1000. in diagnostic to find the cause. My dealer and independant mechanic both agree there's a problem but neither can find the cause.
I've posted this problem twice on this tread but did not get any result so far.
Will do! It probably won't be till next week since I'll be going out of town later this week, but I'll let you know how it goes when I do tackle it. I got used to this kind of thing on my old Corvette since their systems (air box, wiper cover, and head lamps) all operate off of vacuum. Hopefully this won't be too bad. Other than tearing the dash apart, of course!
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