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Why do you own a lowly 140 and not a wonderful Lexus if you have this big of a problem with MB?
well I will tell you...if I had had any idea I was going to have the amount of problems I have had(the over 20K of repairs is posted elsewhere in this forum) I would have considered otherwise
my situation(fortunately) was covered(95% or so) with warranty...but you still can't make up for the time and trouble...but according to the zone rep,service dept manager and the tech I now have a "like new" car with all the advancements and updated parts....we'll see I guess

but since I have no car payment and the car has had over 20K of MB dealer repairs(much of it still under warranty) I will keep it until it doesn't make economic sense anymore(where out of pocket repair costs is near value of the car to repair) of now I think the car is worth about 15-16K..when that value gets to a certain figure I will evaluate whether or not it makes sense to keep

and the former two MB's I owned were great cars..go figure maybe I thought the tradition continued...but both the MB zone rep and the tech at the dealer that has done the myriad of work on my car have told me they have seen all these problems before..and my case although at a higher incidence of repair is not completely out of the ordinary with this model

You MUST remember that the dealer service departments
see the ones that give trouble. They do NOT see the zillions of them that just keep rolling down the road
I agree...but I am only comparing the frequency of the problem to the number of cars sold...that way you can create an accurate percentage....for example if you saw five times as many 140's as 210's for evap core fixes(and you knew that MB sold 4-5 times 210's as 140's)then you would figure that the occurance of the problem is rather high considering the number of cases they have seen versus the total number of cars sold

if someone said we have replaced more alternators in Honda accords than S500s...that could be an accurate statement
...but you have to consider the size of the total pool of cars that could be open for repairs...considering they probably sell more than 100 times the amount of Accords as S500's

that statement could be almost meaningless in regard to establishing a repair history of an automobile

lets face it..the premium models(those over 60-70K) are not high volume a tendancy of even an individual dealer on repairs of a certain high end models could easilly represent a true sampling of the auto

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