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Jack D - you stated "Mr Moedip: You said you've been using one of those miracle additive for 10 years and you still can ''feel'' a quieter operation, smoother idle, better mileage, reduced heat.....You have quite a memory. "
How dare you attack my integrity with such an ignorant statement. Can you remember things from ten years ago? No? Neither can I. Then don't suggest that I am so stupid as to make such a statement in an attempt to ridicule me in this forum. When the Duralube treatment wears off, I can hear and see the difference in the performance of my engines. Upon adding Duralube at oil change I CAN tell the difference in performance, and with 6 cars to maintain I have many opportunities to witness the difference and I don't have a miracle memory that goes back ten years.
The FTC took ALL additive companies, and some oil companies to court for over zealous advertising. As you can see, Duralube VOLUNTARILY settled and changed their advertising as it was cheaper than extended litigation. There are NO CREDIBLE TESTS the FTC recognizes for additives and they suggested the additive companies jointly develop such a test. Draw your own conclusions.
For your information - Duralube is unlike the other additives out there --- it is a PURE LIQUID. It does not have any PTFE's, molybdenum desulfide, lead, or graphite or any other SOLIDS in suspension. I agree wholeheartedly that these solids can and might do damage to an engine and might plug small oil passages, which is why I NEVER RECOMMENDED an additive that contained solids in suspension. The people I recommended Duralube to tried it, saw a difference, and continue to use it. Are you saying we are all nuts with super memories?
You may be very knowledgable in the oil field, but have you ever stepped out of the lab into the real world? Try the product in a car in real life and see if you don't see any differance. Then tell me I don't know what I am talking about.
Someone else on this thread basically said "You the Man" when it comes to oils. I will not stoop to your level to attack your credibilty or even your memory, but I will state that you can't know everything, I MUST know something. Having said that, the people I recommended Duralube to, and I will continue to use Duralube, which has NEVER harmed any of our engines, and continue to enjoy the IMAGINED benefits of the product.
Have a GREAT day!!:p :p :p
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