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Welcome to the club! I am the self appointed safety rep (on mechanical items only, since I am a terrible driver which my wife will attest to!). I know Larry Bible would be very disappointed if I did not provide saftey tips in response to your first post. So here it goes....Always remove rings, watches and jewelry when working arounf electrial circuits. The voltage won't hurt you, but if the jewelry shorts, you have an almost instant red hot burner that can cause you to loose a finger or hand. There are several posts with first hand knowledge in response to this warning I have given before, use the search function. Electrical fires start when a wire shorts and turns cherry red. You can not effectively extinguish an electrical fire using standard home extinguishers, unless the heat source (ie battery) is removed from the circuit. There fore, I recommend that you always disconnect the battery, NEGATIVE terminal first. When reconnecting after electrical work, hook up the positive first, followed by the negative. Always be prepared to discnonect quickly, even with wire cutters if need be!

I think you will find a wealth of technical knowledge on the BB. Larry provides a lot of detail and old codger stories that are absolutely great, as you saw from his details on the dash lites! Just don't ask him about tractors!

Happy Motoring!

87 300TDT
150,000 miles

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