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I just looked it up and it sounds impressive, high wet and dry boiling points, DOT 4 I don't see why you couldn't use it. I think I will look into purchasing some myself too. That's the last thing I need to buy for my wifes car to completely redo the brakes on her car which is a 00 C230.

I've got all new rotors, ATE pads for the rear, EBC greens for the front, new wear sensors and synthetic brake grease all sitting on my toolbox. Fluid is the last thing I need and I think you just helped me make my decision.

The specs are impressive:

DOT 4 Requirements Valvoline SynPower Ate Super Blue
Dry Boil Point 414 F 502 F 536 F
Wet Boil Point 279 F 343 F 392 F



95 E320
00 C230SE
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