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Replacing the dist. cap and rotor is as simple as falling off a log.

Grab the rubber cover on both sides sort of toward the bottom and expand both sides out to release the tabs. Pull up and forward and it's out of the way.

Loosen the three screws holding the cap in place and pull it forward and lift up. If you are only replacing the rotor, you can just fold it out of the way. If you're replacing the cap, pull all six plug wires loose from the plugs and lift the plastic loom from the top of the valve cover, remove the coil wire and take the wires, loom and cap to the bench. Lay the new cap next to it and move the spark plug wires one by one to the new cap. Now it is ready to go back in the reverse order.

Using an Allen loosen the screws holding the rotor in place and pull it forward. Reverse the order to replace the rotor.

Once the rotor is in place, put the cap back on and hook up the plug wires to the plugs and snap the loom back on the valve cover. Hook up the coil wire and screw the three dist cap screws back in place.

This isn't much different than any dist cap and rotor except for its position and lack of a distributor as we used to know it.

Good luck,
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