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look at the new t-stat those gaskets can be leaky at times or if the mechanic is an ******* he may have used silicone gasket maker instead of a real gasket (this happened to my dad once) the silicone stuff in my oppinion isnt really a gasket maker as much as it is a gasket seal helper, by smearing a light coating of the stuff on gaskets it helps fill in nicks and voids that the gasket may not be able to but you cant torque the item down on the gasket for a few hours as that will squeeze all the silicone out rather then letting it set up enough to form a good seal in conjunction with the gasket and part. I have used the gasket maker however to make sealing surfaces but those were not pressure bearing surfaces, in the case of my windsheild washer pump leaking at the reservoir because I wiggled it when installing clear front turn siginals and cracked the 18 yr old rubber gasket that had been just fine till I got to it amd messed things up
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