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Rear Wheel Camber, 240D

Please forgive me if this is something that has been discussed and I missed it. I'm new here since my son has recently purchased a 1983 240D. I've done some searching around the site, but have not come up with anything specific to my problem.

The car is in surprisingly good condition, except for one very odd characteristic: the left rear wheel has excessive positive camber (i.e. tire rides on inside of tread, i.e. wheel leans inward at top).

I have long experience with front end alignment but only on American cars, The MB independent rear suspension is something new to me. I did jack up the car and have a look around. Aside from some rust-through (!) on the lower portions of the control arm, everything looks fine, i.e. nothing obviously bent or deformed.
Are there adjustments for this? Or is something just bent or worn.

Thank you in advance!


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