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Completely dead

I posted earlier that I was having trouble with the battery on my ML.

Well, my 300E is also completely dead. I drove it all afternoon to attend meetings at client sites, and it ran fine. I got home around 3:00 p.m., checked my e-mail and got ready to pick my wife up from work since the ML is dead in the garage. It was around 4:15. Put the key in and turned. Nothing! Absolutely nothing! No interior light, no lights on the dash. What happened? I cannot begin to even know where to look. Now I have two dead cars and fortunately the SL runs. Please tell me what is wrong with the 87 300E. Does that mean the car is completely dead and ready for the junk yard?

Car has close to 300K on the clock. Any help will be appreciated.

MB Roadside Assistance was called and the guy told me he will bring me a new battery for the ML later this evening. But I don't think he can figure what is wrong with the W124. I will ask him to have a look at it and hope for the best.
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