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Angry Mercedes incredibly hard to start

Hello all,

First let me introduce myself. My name is Ron, and i'm from Brunswick, Maine. I just got my first mercedes over the weekend, a 1983 300d. It's deep green and looks awesome. My problem is, if i don't literally leave it plugged in for hours, it positively despises starting. I replaced both the primary and secondary fuel filters and glow plugs when i got it because the guy couldn't remember the last time they were changed. This didn't do anything to help the problem. I was thinking of trying a new battery, mine only usually reads 12.3 volts. Other than that can anyone offer any advice? I'd like to start driving the car everywhere, but i work third shift and i'm afraid if i let it sit in the parking lot for 8 hours while i'm at work (not plugged in of course) that it will leave me sitting. it runs great once it does get started, i had it on the heater for probably 5 hours and it started with minimal trouble. Then it sat for five hours and then woldn't start again. any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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