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Originally Posted by newtodiesel View Post
I would be happy with a crack free blue dash!!! Or topper!!!
A woman can dream can't she?????
Sure can and very reasonable dreams as well. I really enjoy trying to enable any of my wifes wishes or dreams. She has always put in a maximum effort over many,many years.

She has my endless gratitude and love. So it is very important to me that whatever dreams or desires she has be fufilled..She like most women is well aware of this and never would abuse the issue in any way. Actually she requests very little in comparison to what she could.

To keep this in perspective. After the hard initial years when there was barely enough money to service all the family requirements. In some ways those where very good years as well at the same time.

I felt for instance it was somewhat demeaning for a wife to ask for money while at the same time working very long days with the family. So I suggested that she open up her own separate bank account rather than feel like she was not totally in control of our joint account.

We agreed on a funding formula. This hopefully made some of her decisions easier to deal with as joint consensious was not really required with that arrangement. From time to time she still suprises me with what she has done and still does.

I approve of many things she has enabled though. It is unlikely they would have occured if there had been other arrangements. I am all too aware that in the initial stages if I had been involved they might not have happened.

I want nothing for christmas other than seeing those around us happy. I think if the wife were not here it would be almost meaningless to me. She is my continious ongoing christmas. I am and have been one fortunate individual.
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