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It does indeed look like I will have to replace the coil as there is really no other way to eliminate it. Looking under the hood in the dark will do nothing, because it does not fail except under load at part throttle.

What keeps me wondering about this is that when it does not make part throttle power, I have to put the throttle ABSOLUTELY on the floor before it catches. Not 1/8" from the floor, but on the FLOOR. I think there is a full throttle switch, maybe as part of the throttle potentiometer.

Again, this morning, it exhibited more evidence of this being a damp air related problem. It ran good for about the first fifty miles, then I got into a heavy fog for about 30 miles. This was one of those 45 MPH type fogs. It acted up all the way through the fog, then cleared up after I got out of the fog, stopped the car to get gas and restarted it.

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