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Coolant sensor? - here we go again..

My '86 w124 300E is experiencing some of the problems which in several posts are described as a "bad coolant sensor".

-Cold start trouble.
-Very poor gas mileage.
-Surging under acceleration.
And besides that, my engine temp is very low? -Never above 70 deg. Celsius. -Which makes it hard to heat up the cabin now that outside temps are below the freezing point.

When reading through the results of a search for "coolant sensor" i only got more confused..
There seems to be various opinions of where the sensor is located? -And if it actually IS the sensor that's causing the trouble!

I want to replace that sensor just to see what it'll do. But what do i ask for at the stealership? Does anyone have a part number?
[edit] that would be the P/N for a euro model, is there's any difference..

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