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Jack - apology accepted. Please forgive me if I do not put all my faith in professional opinions. Professionals told me that water and plastic are incompatable and water based adhesive products could never be made to lay smoothly in micro-thin layers on plastic without beading or breaking up unless a surficant was used to break the surface tension of the water. Unfortunately surficants also encapsulate the adhesive particles so they are no longer sticky. By being" outside the box" I invented a mechanical way of breaking the surface tension that I have been using in production for 4 years. Nobody else has accomplished this feat yet. I have 4 patents to my name because I did not listen to Academia. Careful observation has allowed me to accomplish these feats. Listening to the pros would have resulted in no new inventions. Technically you may be correct, by the book, but I see and hear a difference in engines with the Duralube. Your valued professional opinion says no, my experiences say yes. Maybe the external variables in my cases are such that improvement is there. Maybe the same variables are not present in lab tests. I don't know. So, once again, thank you for the kind apology, and for now we will amicably agree to disagree. Who knows - something in the future may change one of our opinions.
By the way - we are setting new records here in Manitoba - +5C today - Get ready - it is heading for Quebec!!!
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