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Understood, however, it is a high maintence luxury car. Nothing will change that. Yep, 140's have issues, there is no doubt about that. However, you look at other high line marques such as Ferrrari, Bently, Rolls and Rover, you see the same trends, high maintenece cars. Cars that have a high starting price as well. With that being said, you must think about the market segment these cars were aimed at and then look at the percentage spent on repairs compared to the segment markets economic standing. By the numbers, repair and maintence costs are not that bad.

As far as the inconvience issues, that is between your service outlet and you. Some dealers provide loaners some dont. The standards used for issueing these vary from dealer to daeler as well. The dealer I was at had 3 different loaner protocols in place in a 3 year period. These loaners costs are also figured into the costs of having repairs done. Which means you pay for the loaner wether you know it or not. (with the exception of warrenty repair)

While I feel strongly that Benz could have done a better job of wringing out the 140 prior to it becoming a mainstrem car, overall the cars are quite nice, reasonable dependable and very solid. Unfortunatly, getting a private sale preowned car eliminates you from certian aspects of the convience offered to buyers who got theirs from the dealer who is servicing it. (it appears most dealers are settleing into offering loaners and such only to those cars under warrenty or under starmark purchased from that dealer)

When I had my brand new 97 f150 (POS by the way) I couldn't even get a ride to a hotel from a dealer in NJ after the tranny lost the input shaft on the side of I95 one afternoon, and this was a 30K truck with less than 5000 miles on it. Needless to say that truck went away very soon after that. Point is, there are certian perks that come with certian cars. In terms of your inconvience you simply missed the perks.

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