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Oh boy! I wasn't trying to turn you off the W124. Your question asked what could possibly go wrong and NOBODY was answering your question so I just listed a few problems I heard about frequently. I know from pass experience on this forum that in order to get a thread going someone has to post a pointed reply. Seems to have worked

Just to reiterate, you are NOT going to get all these issues on one car, no way! If you did it would be a junk car. These are just things you should be aware off so that when you test drive the car or bring it to a mechanic you can say "Oh yeah I heard about that one".

Just to put what I said into perspective the mercedes ML's and W210's I think have lists just as long and those things are newer!!

We get people who buy a W124 who come on this forum and then start bashing the car for the problems it has and then you realise that the car they are complaining about has close to 200k miles on it and is 15 years old hahahaha...come on!

Approach any old car with caution....its just common sense thats all.

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