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Point is, there are certian perks that come with certian cars. In terms of your inconvience you simply missed the perks.
I was provided with a loaner car from Crown Mercedes Benz in all my repair instances...remember the work I had done was warranty...when I speak of time and trouble I was referring to the time spent getting the car to the dealer,waiting for them to diagnose and then having to place an order for parts ...that shipped from the MB regional parts office in the Chicago area

Cars that have a high starting price as well. With that being said, you must think about the market segment these cars were aimed at and then look at the percentage spent on repairs compared to the segment markets economic standing. By the numbers, repair and maintence costs are not that bad.
so are you saying the amount you spend for the car should directly correspond to the amount you should pay for repairs?

if that were the case I guess the cheapest car available would be the most reliable/cheapest to own? that case the latter 126's should also be costly to own...which I don't think is the case

your statement about loaners was somewhat dealer in town will ONLY provide vehicle loaners for warranty work...the other prefers to give loaners to persons who purchased their car from them...HOWEVER they made an exception in my case...and after the amount of revenue they got from my car I would say they made the right decision...and by the way they have treated me like I had bought a new S600 from them

and actually I am very satisfies with the work...their master tech is the one who has done the lionshare of work on the car(replaced engine,pulled transmission,evap core,climate control work..etc..etc..etc)...he came from a large volume dealer in california(Fletcher Jones) where they sold a boatload of 140's...and knows the particulars of the car inside and out

but ..bottom line...would I trade the car and go back to a 126 or 124...absolutely not.....the car (in my opinion) absolutely spoils you with the way it rides and drives

but the question them much is it worth to have a car that you love to drive but you realize is maybe not the most reliable piece of transportation...or having something that is strictly transportation that you don't like to drive,but is very relaible?

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