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Originally posted by tkamiya
Mine is a 1994 E320. Basically identical car to yours. I live in Central Florida.

My car usually warms up to about 80C.
After some city driving, it goes to 90C.
After extended stop, it goes to 100C.
On rare ocassions, I've seen 102C.
On prolonged highway driving, it goes down to 82C.
A stop after prolonged highway driving, it goes quickly to 100C.
Highest I've ever seen was 108 or so when my AUX fan fuse was blown.

This is true regardless of ambient temperature.

Hotter the outside, faster it goes to higher temp and slower it goes to lower temp, but min and max doesn't seem to change much.

It's been this way for 2 years I owned this car.... and my cooling system has been checked and rechecked by a professional mechanic.

It's interesting that your operating temp changed after a surgery, but seeing 90C is not at all unusual. I'm just trying to tell you all this, so that you won't spend your money trying to fix phantom problem.
I have a '93 and it is the same car as TKamiya's '94, which is the same as your '95 E320 Cabriolet. My car runs at exactly the same temperature in the same conditions.
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