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Originally Posted by Maruzo View Post
that's a nice setup. I didn't know you can modify the console to fit a double-din!! Would've save me a lot of headaches trying to source a single din solution that does everything i wanted.

I ended up getting a pioneer unit (6300BT) so the screen flips up and turn into a 7 inch monitor, which is nice, but does get in the way of blocking the a/c access.


Wait, you have the w124. that's why you're able to make the mod. w126 doesn't leave room for a double-din. There's a ashtray and 3 buttons for the heated front seats. Don't want them removed.

I removed the ashtray (made the plate around radio and filled in gap where ashtray was with a universal mud flap, trimmed to fit and added carbon fiber vinyl). With a little ingenuity you could relocate the buttons for the heated seats. Possibly Dremel out some slots in the center console. You would probably have to attached (solder) some additional wire for more length.
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