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Health Care? Did you say Health Care? - add to that the $1 BILLION Dollars OVER BUDGET unapproved tax money being spent for the stupid gun registry and most Canadians haven't registered their guns anyway. Now you are talking PASSION!! The Feds want the Ontario Police to find the people who didn't register and charge them. Turning legitimate honorable gun owning Canucks into criminals. The gangsters bring in heavy duty guns from the States, and believe me "They don't need no stinkin' registration". Tax and spend without logic - If gun owners shot off their guns like Chretien shoots off his mouth without thinking - we'd be in real trouble. And as Chretien says The proof is the proof - show me the proof and I will know it is the proof when I see the proof so it will be the proof - or words to that effect - Want any more "proof?" I will end with the "typically apathetic Canadian" response ---- " YEAH, BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT???" Ain't it the truth?
PS - How was that for passion????
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