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Re: Stephen -

Originally posted by Zeus
lol...I'll take it for parts! Does it have a good evaporator? Oops, I believe that was rhetoric...

True enough, and I'm sad to hear about the problems you're having with your 300E, but the fact that most 300Es make it to the 15 year mark in good shape is a testament in itself, no?

All the P.O.S. Fords and GMCs my family has owned barely limped past the 150K mark. My Dad's Ford Taurus wagon (1992, 3.8L) has had TWO engine rebuilds (one Ford paid for), a new tranny and new AC. The mileage? 142,000 Km. Regular dealer serviced. If I won one in a contest I'd sell it at a loss just to get it off my driveway...

Tell you what - we'll take your Merc, you take the
I share your opinion of the Taurus, but I'm not comparing the two. All I've heard for years about MBs was that they last forever! At those prices they should. Mine just won't stay on the road. It's always something. 145K is nothing compared to what I'm used to. All my Jap cars have gone way beyond that! But in defense of Fords, I have one that's 38 years old and still has a lot of the original moving parts. Mileage in excess of 300,000 and when I do have to replace the 26 year old water pump, it will cost $23.00. Maybe my next MB will be a good one. God I hope so!!
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