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It's been a few months since I changed my headlights but I think I can still step you through this. BTW yes you will need to remove your headlights to change the wiper motor.

1. Pop the hood!

2. Look into the corner of your engine bay where the corner lights are. You'll find a clip (kind of like a clothespin) which you will need to squeeze to remove the corner lights.

3. Once you've removed both corner lights you'll see a screw that holds your painted panel in place. Remove this screw as well as the screw which is near the grille. This will remove the painted panel just below the light.

4. Next you'll need to remove the two outer screws (Where the corner lights are) and one inner screw (near the grille) which hold your headlight assembly in place.

5. 1/2 Twist and Pull the Black Clip which is at the top of your light assembly. (Its a Hexagon type shape)

You should now be able to pull your headlight assembly completely out and access your wiper motor. Change the motor and reverse the order above.

You can also remove both wiper motors and purchase a new painted panel that deletes the wiper holes but that's up to you.

Good Luck!

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