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ok now the hood release handle and possibly the cable has broke so i can not open the hood. therefore i could not jump start it this morning when it did not turn over. i just sat there turnning the key with no nose or nothing then finally and suddenly it turned over and cranked causing me to be late again for work (this car may get me fired!i have a daily 40 mile commute) my other car is a much more undependable, worn out (240K) 1987 BMW 325i with a whole bunch of problems.
i think the problem with the 300 SD could be a relay or a switch of some sort?

James L
1983 300 SD 188k
1987 325I BMW 240K, electrical problems galore!, sun roof, door and trunk leaks, oxidized and peeling cirrus blue paint, ect..., ect..., ect...
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