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Angry 300se stumbles.

So I just spent $1800 getting the top end of my engine rebuilt as well as some other work. I get the car back and it it runs fine before it warms up. Once warmed up, the throttle response is TERRIBLE from both a dead stop and while traveling at any speed. Feels like the pedal is not even hooked up to the engine half the time.

The car maintains speed just fine, but when I try to speed up it is like the engine is not getting enough fuel. Eventually it gets going, but it's slow (even for what it is..).

It does not do this everytime, and sometimes it accelerates pretty normally. Then the next stoplight it stalls so badly that I almost get run down by the F-350 behind me, and have to pull over to the side of the road while the engine gets going.

It idles a little rough when warmed up too. I am taking the car back in on friday, but does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Almost $2,000 and the damn thing runs worse than before. This car has been nothing but a constant headache and makes me wish I had kept my rusted out SD.... Advice please!!??!!?
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