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replaced one injector

I replaced injector on cylinder close to firewall (#4). This one had a plug that was always black, just like the cylinder farthest away from firewall (#1). The middle 2 cylinders plugs looked perfect. Anyway, I get no benefit from replacing this injector. Maybe its the cylinder #1 that is causing lack of power. But if this much lack of power was all coming from one cylinder, it would feel like a missing cylinder, right? So it must be something else. There is not enough pressure due to a failed eha. This seems more likely to be it now. But when I measure the pressure out of clyinder #2 for example, I get 78psi. And when I hooked up injector from #3 onto the fuel distributor output for #4, the spray pattern looked good. But spray pattern from #4 injector hooked up to #4 output had drops at low rpm and I think a poor spray pattern at higher rpm. So that was pretty sure to be a bad injector. Maybe the plug is still fouled because of the way the previous injector was running? No then I would get a definite miss.

I expected about 25% improvement. I got none. This makes me seriously doubt it is injectors.

Also, since I cannot detect a miss after it warms up, I think it is not all coming from one cylinder, the problem is distributed among all cylinders.

I could not get any junk to come out of the tubes leading to the injectors or the injectors themselves (tapping them upside down). But then I only tried two injectors.

Any thoughts, guys?

Thanks, Paul
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