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Unhappy M.B.Doc/Benzmac/Anybody Help! Tach/Electromagnetic Fan Problem

Alright guys. Check this one out.

Was looking under the hood one day with the engine running when I smelled burnt rubber.

Turns out, the wires going to the 2 prong temp sensor on the engine (the one nearest to the front) were burnt. I stripped back the wires all the way back (to the side of the wheel arch) until there were no signs of burning and renewed the wires going back to the sensor. The connectors looked ok so they were re-used.

I have swapped out the sensor, but even before re-connecting the 2 wires, fuse #10 blows (as soon as the ignition switch is turned to position 1). When the engine runs, the tach is out (of course, coz they share the same fuse).

Re-connecting the wires to the sensor does not seem to produce any burning or changes to the situation, but i disconnected them anyway.

The wires from the sensor seem to go back all the way to the back of the battery. Where do they end up? If I knew, I could do a short circuit test on the cable. Also, any switch or device at the other end could be causing the short in the first place.

What about the magnetic clutch, do these foil easily?

For your information, I have swapped out the multiple contact relay (20/30A behind fuses), OVP (to solve stalling problem) as well as the fuel pump relay (stalling). All fuses have also been renewed save #10 which keeps blowing.

Anyway, we're talking about a 1991 190e 1.8 RHD so I hope u guys r able to help me out on this one.


1991 190e 1.8
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