Thread: 230E or 300E???
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Unhappy To buy or not to buy?

Thanks to all you guys for your replies. I will probably go ahead when this car is available as its still being used by a relative and my verdict is its in pretty good condition. Best part of it is the inside and outside are impeccable, garaged every night and not heavily used. I am very worried though about the fuel pump(s), fuel filter(s), water pump, aircon, radiator, tranny, suspension, engine and other major breakdowns which may already be due and cost me too much of money which I am pretty sure I don't have. Buying the car used is not so bad as you know the total you have to pay, but if you bought a lemon or one which has not been repaired due to somebody's lack of money, boy ! This would be a nightmare! Like hitting an iceberg....most of the total repair cost unknown!!! LOL.
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