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Regarding PTFE in oils

Being a chemical engineer and working for Mobil Oil, it is not possible for PTFE to bond to metal or any moving parts unless the temperature of the metal exceeds 800 degrees. Also, PTFE will not bond in presence of oil, needs to be generally oil free.
Take an example of teflon coated pans for instance, PTFE is bonded to the metal, when the metal is at elevated temperatures. These engines are way below that.
Also, have you tried to use metal spoon on a teflon pan? what do you think happens in an engine?
If your engine gets to that temperature, you engine shot.
So, where does this suspended particles of PTFE go, they are basiclaly fitered out, clogging up your oil filter.
So, folks this PTFE is a gimmick.
If you use conventional oil or synthetic, regular oil changes is all that needs to be done.
This is not my opinion but a fact.
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