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question for wagon owners/experts

No one has to absolutely respond to this, but if anyone has a really good notion, it would be great!

Ok, I'm at wits end with this annoyance!!!!!!!!!! noise is driving me crazy!

Cannot seem to locate source of sharp, single creaking noise, loudest at right rear fender area, althought it also happens at left side but not as loud. Only does it over uneven road surfaces, or hitting small, sudden road imperfections, and when the body is shifting its weight when going from reverse to forward or vise-versa.

What I know its NOT: door latches and striker plates, door check straps, loose inner door panels, loose speakers, latches holding seatbacks in place, the jack, the cargo area side panel doors, the spare. Pretty much rules out amost everything eh?

Thinking now maybe shocks are loose??? Can anyone tell me briefly how to get at the top mounts, please?


PS: Sounds weird I know but, noises stop under 20 degrees (very cold= metal components really stiffening up) and did not do it all summer until the weather went down into 50s. (warm=expanding, softer metal)
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