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No problem. I think it is very important to clarify. Thanks for asking.

Regarding the upper shock mounts, honestly on my wagon I never have touched them. Instead, I blasted them from outside with a can of silicone lube with a snorkel tube. I pushed them around a bit afterward and used a rag to mop up any spills.

Regarding the "when you say 'replaced the latch mounts' (missing rubber isolators) do you mean seatback latches--the metal loops on the seatbacks or the mechanism on top of the wheel well? OR something else?"

I was referring to the latches of both rear covers, one for the spare (L) and the other for the radio antenna etc (R). These seemed to be the major squeakers! I studied them carefully, looked at another wagon and discovered that mine were missing little rubber covers. I also adjusted them by repositioning them to have a little bit of preload, so when they are closed they are tight.

Want a picture?

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