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Very Disappointed...

Well, my 2nd rebuilt amp arrived today. After installing it I found it to work exactly as the 1st did; it still has the same surging. I am really at a loss at this point. I was assured that the 2nd amp would be tested in a vehicle and cannot believe that it was as the surging is very noticable. Luckily, I have a 1985 model amp that works, and again with this amp in it works as smooth as glass. The only thing is, this amp is from a salvage yard and I did not want to depend on it for my upcoming 2000+ mile trip over Christmas. I am quickly running out of time. If I did not have a working amp to compare with, I think I would probably be replacing a lot of good parts (scary). At this point I would like some suggestions as to my next course of action in this matter. I was not able to get Peter on the phone, but will definitely be calling him tomorrow. I am very, very disappointed...
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