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I am pretty oblivious about manipulating PDF files so couldn't figure out how to copy from the CD ROM to this list, but will paraphrase the instructions as best I can for removing the whole assembly from the vehicle:

1. Lift up the little cover over the bolt which holds the wiper blade to the shaft
2. Loosen the Allen bolt which holds the wiper arm on and remove the wiper arm
3. Remove 4 nuts which hold the wiper assembly in the car. 2 of these are right below the big black plastic case that covers the gear mechanism we're trying to get to; the other 2 are on the right (directions are as seen from the driver's seat) and in fact are the only nuts on the absolute furthest right part of the linkage
4. Remove a retaining clip, which is right below the center of the black plastic case
5. Disconnect the electrical connector for the motor
6. Remove the whole assembly from the car

At this point the wiper motor can be removed as can the crank arm. The tightening torque for the nut on the motor shaft is 19 NM.

Hope this helps.
'93 400E
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