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Peace of mind perhaps and there's nothing tricky about it.

Not to "dis" dealers, but if you can find a competent, trusted independent shop with good references from other MB owners, they typically charge about the same as the Jiffy Joints and should stock "Mann" filters.

Does the $53 include the coolant flush as well? If so, that's a decent price!

On a side note, I once took a car (non MB) to Jiffy-Lube during my lunch break. Sure they changed the oil, but I watched as they searched for the dipstick, fumbled with trans dipstick and knocked a plug wire loose.

I saw it all happen and as a test drove around the block, came back and told them my car was missing. Just for kicks I wanted to see if the could remedy the problem.

They opened the hood and didn't see that the plug wire nearest the dipstick had been knocked loose. They gave me some line that "the car must need a tune-up and/or one of the plugs is fouled" !! I calmly pointed to the disco'd wire and popped it back on. The embarrassed manager came out and gave me a coupon for my next oil change. "No thanks, I won't ever come back here again!" -- and walked out.

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