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1986 420SEL timing chain tips

Since i'm contemplating replacing the timing chain, tensioner and its guide, and the famous chain rails, i have a few questions. First off, the patient is a '86 420SEL, almost all repairs done by me(radiator, front brakes, rear brake pads, fuel pumps and relay, and all maintence) with a tad under 160K. I can picture how to "roll" the chain out by using zip-ties to keep the new one from jumping a tooth, or use a guide made by Sir tools, the removal of the pivot pins, and the master link, but i have a few questions.
1. Just by looking at it, the driver's side chain rail does look a bit complicated to replace, is it easier to change it with the old chain loose?
2. Does the distributor have to come out?
3. since i will order the parts from Performance Products, and if the chain does come with a circlip master link, or the horseshoe one used on motorcycle chains, can i crimp it in its place?
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