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It was a little tricky

The case doesn't come apart quite as explained in the instructions provided. I did remove the entire wiper assy.
Then I removed the wiper arm. Simply remove the plastic cover at the junction of the arm and the offending case. Remove the allen and gentle tap the wiper arm free. Remove the linkage that connect the motor to the assy. Turn the assy over and remove the 2 star screws. Now you have to pry the two halfs open.(like a clam) Be careful, not to bend the two halves. I pryed mine open about 3/8"to 7/16"MAX. Then I took some spray oil(Actually K&N Filter charger oil) and lubed the inside. Just find some high viscosity oil and lube the innards with it. If you have a large syringe (like the child med. dispensing type or the turkey injector type), you can fill it with some gear lube of some sort and squirt it on the offending shaft. Work the lube really well and also apply it externally to the shaft. Close everything back up and Voila'


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