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same problem different solution

This is a very good thread on the idle surge problems some of us are having.
My 1989 230E used to keep accelerating for 2-3 seconds after I release gas pedal. That was very a dangerous car to drive.
Interestingly when two months ago I have disconnected the electrical connection to the idle control valve and the car stopped surging . The car was surging because the idle computer was keeping the idle valve full open when surging(found this by monitoring the voltage to the idle valve). I think that the idle computer is reading false data from some sensor or switch. When I reconnect the idle valve the surging returns and idle goes down from 1100rpm to normal 800 rpm.
Right now I am driving the car with idle valve disconnected because it is better to have a higher idle than have the car accelerate by itself.
The so called "idle control computer" is actually called the Bosch KE fuel injection control computer. This computer:
-supplies EHA current and idle valve current,
-monitors the air mass meter, temperature sensor, idle microswitch, and EZL fuel octane corrector
-linked to the fuel pump relay, OVP
this is all according to the electrical scheme of the car I have on my pc.
Any of the above units can be a cause of the surge. It might be years before I find out what it is. However if we all think togeather and share our knowledge we can get to the problem faster than it seems.
Good luck everone.
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