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We have a new plan...

I talked to Peter this morning. We both agree that it is highly unlikely that both rebuilt amps would exhibit the exact same shortcomings. However, the fact that the mod. 91 amp works well seems to eliminate the other components from the equation. The 91 may have more tolerance for fluctuations from different components, specifically the actuator? Peter is going to send me a rebuilt actuator as well as a rebuilt 91 amp to test this theory. I'm turning into a case study for GDL. I'm going to try the new actuator with the mod. 79 amp first. If the problems are the same, it should eliminate my actuator and I will go with the rebuilt 91. If not, my problem will be solved and I'll stay with the 79.

I don't know what I would do without GDL in my corner. I don't think I would be able to figure this out without Peter's knowledge. I am now wondering if the right course of action in revamping one's cruise is to simply have actuator rebuilt as well in the cases where the amps are.

Peter will ship the items to me by Monday which means next week at this time I will post another (still hoping for last) update.
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