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Hello fellow readers,

As u may know, I have a 1986 W124 230TE stationwagon. I have had it for a year and lately it is playing up. This afternoon, I was driving on the highway and when I stopped, the car died on me. So I called a road service place and they told me I needed a towtruck. So, I did and towed to my house. I have now just found out that that motor is totally stuffed. The motor overheated and the head gasket blew and It turns over funny and it doesnt start.

So, I am considering putting in an M103 300 motor, 6 cylinder. So here is what I want to ask:

1) Will I need to do any major changes to the car if I put in a M103 300 motor?

2) Will it cost me so much that it wouldnt be worth it?

3) What would I have to change? The muffler? The radiator?

Any help at all would be appreciated, because I really need the car be on the road!!!!



W124 230TE
W202 C200 Elegance
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