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Just did mine a couple months ago. Wasn't too bad a job to do.
The bearings are pressed into the hub, which the rotor is bolted to. Take off the rotor assembly, being careful not to damage the rear seal. Then hold the assy in a sturdy vise and take off the bolts and it comes apart. Seems to me the bolts were allen head style, so you'll need a metric allen wrench. I think they were 8 or 10 mm, but can't remember for sure now. Anyhow, as long as you keep things clean, ect, you shouldn't need to touch the bearings as long as they are in good shape and well greased. Check the rear seal to make sure it's not worn and leaking. Check your calipers for any leaking of fluid. Check the brake lines for kinks or cracks.
Hardest part I had was getting the caliper pistons pushed back in far enough to get the caliper back on over the new rotors with new pads. Was almost as if something was to thick, either the rotors or the pads. But finally got 'em back on. Once they wore in, they work great!
Good luck!
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