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1991 SDL (W126) - Overtorqued and bent wheel bolts

During a recent fender bender from a 19 year old (my wife had borrowed the car that night for the first time in 5 years :-)) ... I had repairs done at local shop, including one of the wheels repainted - since it was there, I had the other three done, as well. They farm the wheels out to a mobile service so it was done on site, but not by the body shop. I know isn't the best way to have done it, but was the fastest and easiest.

So, I get the car back after a week or so and looks great. I start in on the ASD and ABS troubleshooting that you can see looks like a rash in this forum - was going to rotate the tires, anyway. Except, that my pneumatic gun wouldn't get close to budging even one of the bolts.

I convert to a three foot bar and stand on it, bouncing, in order to get one set off a front wheel. Three bent a bit. Examining the bolts, it was not the slight additional paint on the wheel, nor was there any overspray, etc in the threaded holes. Didn't go any further - other than swearing at the top of my lungs for a few minutes.

Took back and shop guy that does suspension stuff came out with an incredulous look on his face, holding one of the bolts - said he got all but one off with a more powerful air gun, but was amazed at how hard it was. Told me might bend the last since he had to convert to a 3' bar.

Body shop said the would get replacements for the bent bolts, but they turned out to be very short, unlike the 5" or so stock bolts that have extended shafts and chrome heads. Dealer confirmed this is all that is available, as MB has changed the part and others no longer available.

Did some looking fr MB bolts and indeed, it does appear there is an new bolt that is half the length, but to deal with the rather flush style wheels, there is also some sort of chrome cap that either friction fits into the wheel hole or is attached somehow to the short bolt. Some parts lists show a two bolts - one is shorter than the other ...

Anyone been through this?

George Stephenson
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