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Originally posted by ck42
funny you mention this piston issue rick...I just did the pads on mine and I actually ended up HAVING to get out the electric hand sander and shave off about 1/16" pad material just to get that #$%#$ in there.
Glad to hear it isn't just me :p
Ya! I thot I did something wrong, or had the wrong parts. I've done LOTS of brake jobs, but never had that hard a time getting them back together. My brother was helping me, and he'd been a ASE certified mechanic back in the 80's. He helped me get them back on, and had me just drive around the block slowly and hit the brakes off and on. Then we pulled back to the garage and felt everything to see if it was hot. Things were warm, but not hot. I kept an eye on them for a day or two, and they wore in and loosened up. Been a couple thousand miles since, and everything works great. No sign of re-warped brake rotors.
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