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Thanks, Ferdman,

Yeah, I've always used just a drop of oil on the threads, and then later never seize ....even rubbed never seize in the hubs if steel wheel cars to keep them from rusting to the wheels.

So, should I take a chance on the aftermarket longer bolts? I can't imagine they would be same quality as originals ...and if it is rally the shank length that drives the failure mechanism, probably should just resolve issue now. Gah - but I like the look of the original heads being flush with the wheel ...

What have most people done? I am assuming it wasn't to replace one at a time with shorter bolts since the look will be pretty messed up ...the bolts, even with chrome covers will sort of disappear into the bolts wells, right? Given this, does some even need to put chrome caps on them - especially since the wheel itself is more of a matte finish?
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