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Hi there. Help me to understand this.
We own 2 MBs (an 89 300E and a 92 190-E 2.3) and I've noticed that both of these have spin-on oil filters, rather than the canister type. HURRAY!! BUT, they are located at the rear of the engine block ON TOP.
I admit that I'm an MB neophyte... but have a fair bit of experience with working on cars in general. If I remove the oil filter from this location, WILL I END UP WITH THE MESS THAT I'M GUESSING IS INEVITABLE? Or is there a check valve in the oil filter that retains the oil while in the upside-down position (not under pressure)?!?!?
If it won't make the mess that would seem to be obvious, I would be much more likely to buy one of these TopSider pumps that I've read about on the forum and do the intermediate oil changes myself. My local (and trusted) service shop bangs me around $60 per oil change service. If I can buy a filter and oil for $15 myself and avoid the mess of oil running down the back of the engine block means then by all means I will do so!

Your comments and advice are greatly appreciated and always respected. Thanks in advance.

Jay Yambrovich
1989 300 E
1992 190-E 2.3
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