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I just replaced my tensioner on my 190e 2.6 tonight. Thats why I started drinking again. On the bottom tensioner shock bolt you need to remove the pulley from the water pump first. It is a TIGHT squeeeze.. Then you have to remove the power steering pulley. There are four bolts that hold a bracket that is in your way. Two are on the power sterring pump and the other is a large 19mm bolt that goes through the belt tensioner assembly. Mine car is still apart because I'm getting a belt and putting it in before I put the radiator back in. I just went out to my garage and looked at it. I had the tensioner and I was waiting for an excuse to pull the radiatior to change the tensioner. The plastic neck decided to break on the highway. So I bought a new radiator from Silla. The quality is good and best of all it was only $200. I got quotes up to $500 for a radiator. Have fun expect to spend a few hours to fix it.
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