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Re: w126 brakes

Originally posted by John Hermann
Thanks to all for the suggestions. The CD rom manual suggests that the bolts which hold the rotor on the hub should be replaced as they are self tapping. Did you reuse them? Likewise there are some caliper bolts which they suggest replacing. We shall see.
Hmmmm..... don't recall noticing that the rotor bolts were self-tapping. They were pretty much a standard bolt. They were in fine shape when I took them out, so just cleaned them up and re-loctited them and put 'em back in. Same with the caliper bolts. Only thing I could figure from that is maybe they changed the assembly from my '84 SD to your '85 SE. Can't imagine they would do that, but I've seen stranger things! You'll have to see what you see when you get it apart maybe. Or maybe someone else here has a different light on this. Anybody?? How about yours, Chris?
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