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Patrick 45
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i have a '80 450sel -- had water on the front carpet, and rear carpet --- the previous owner had sealed the sunroof, in an attempt to stop the leaks, so it wasn't coming from the drain hoses -- i discovered a rust hole, under the hood, behind the driver's wheel well. it is an area that accumulates leaves and dirt, which holds water. i cleaned out the area, and attempted to fill the hole with fiberglass cloth. i didn't do a very good job, because it was hard to get to. i then used a caulking gun, and some sealing tar, to fill the whole area -- also, the previous owner had replaced the hood release cable, and left the grommet out -- that was another area i had to fill, because i couldn't get the grommet back into the hole. then i found that water was coming in around the windshield seal -- i used the same tar in the caulk gun to run a new bead under the windshield lip seal -- now there are no leaks -- let's see if i can post a couple pics -- here is the area with the rusting -- the car is no longer here, gave it to my daughter patrick
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