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400E at 275,000 miles

I recently rolled over to 275,000 miles in my '92 400E, which I've owned since 2004. I've been through a lot with this car, and feel like I know it personally since I've always done the work on it myself. Over the years I've replaced the wiring harness, replaced the gas tank after it cracked and leaked, rebuilt the suspension, replaced the timing chain and tensioners, rebuilt the trans valve body, rebuilt the power steering pump, and all the other normal maintenance stuff. It's a fantastic car that has never once left me stranded. It still gets compliments. And at 275,000 miles, it still inspires confidence at high (100+ mph) speeds.

Just wanted to say thanks to this forum and all the fellow enthusiasts for the helpful information over the years.

I'll make another post when I hit 300,000 in a couple years! (knock on wood)

400E at 275,000 miles-275000.jpg
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