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Talking A hero once again....

I replaced the pump that comes from the fuel tank, refinished the bracket because it was all corroded, put everything back together and checked for leaks, turned the key.......and all is well. The tech at a local independent shop told me that it should have idled with one pump but no power to go. Mine seems to have plugged up and only allowed a trickle of fuel past the first pump which the second pump tried to pull up to the engine. That's why it would run for five seconds and then stall and then not restart until left for a few minutes so fuel could make it's way past the first pump. I didn't replace the relay but if it gives me grief I'll tear it apart and try to clean the contacts.
Steve, have you ever seen a pump that failed and wouldn't allow fuel through?? I thought perhaps I picked something up from the tank but could see no evidence looking inside the pump. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way with their suggestions and expertise......greatly appreciated.....and my wife thanks you all too as she wasn't impressed with my '67 Mustang 'courtesy car'.
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