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M103 transmission problem

OK... last February, I purchased my first car. It has now 175,000 miles on it. When I bought it it had 169,000 miles. Today, I was planning on going on the highway, but the car wouldn't kick into 4th gear. The car I understand starts at 2nd gear. Then I hear the 3rd gear, but for the first time today... it wouldn't hit 4th gear. I had to get off the next exit ramp and head back home ticked off.

I am unfortunately stuck in a family that doesn't drive.. and they don't know anything about cars. So it all falls on me. I even have to pay for the repair. I honestly don't know what happened to the tranny. I believe its the original tranny since I didn't find anything done to it in the history of repairs.

My question is.. how much would it cost to replace a transmission.. or rebuild it. Could it be that the tranny doesn't need a rebuild or replacement but something minor done to it?

Right now I am ticked off since many bad things have happened to me recently, and now my ride is giving me the finger as well. Anyone recommend a good an honest mechanic in Central Ohio that can help me deal with this problem? I don't trust my regular mechanic now and am looking for a new one.

I would appreciate any help.. thanks
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