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Like someone mentioned before, this is starting to look like an oil thread. The poor guy who started this thread just wanted to know if he might need a new battery.Joe Blowe, I'm glad someone is in agreement with me about getting what you pay for. Interstate makes a top quality battery for a competitive price, and I'm getting too old to be standing around in the rain, because my bargain priced battery failed me. I also am not interested in dealing with products that claim to have the best warrantee in the business. You can keep your warrantee; just give me a product that works. I make health smoothies every morning, and I burnt up two $40.00 blenders. I bought one for $400.00 that will grind up bricks. No more problem. Before some of you get the idea I'm being pompous, I also wear a $25.00 Timex watch which is a better watch than a $10,000 Rolex. Wanna know why? It keeps time as well as a Rolex, and I can push the little button that makes the face glow in the dark so I can tell the time. You can't do that with a Rolex. I'm just saying I try to keep everything in perspective.

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